Anderson Silva Tribute

This is a enthusiast video for Anderson silva. Tribute/Highlight. Be aware – I only needed to use UFC fights in this. ( i comprehend the Chris Leben fight is lacking I wont lie this was a rushed undertaking and I was unable to track down the chris leben fight swift plenty of. Please value the fighter rather than nit decide on and loathe on stupid crap. I understand a lot of individuals uncover him cocky but you cant deny his skill or dominance in the UFC alongside with his will to win Audio in order Device – Parabol A Best circle – The outsider For MMA Chat pay a visit to
Video Rating: four / five


  1. DDP3NIKilla says:

    He’s like some sort of animal designed for MMA….

  2. MoncefGridda says:

    I hate videos like this. It’s like, here for the first 3 fucking minutes we’re going to watch this guy dance around. No, he won’t be fighting, playing football, basketball, etc. No, to make this video good he has to dance to the music for 3 minutes and walk in. What a fucking waste. I’m not here to watch a god damn intro for 3 minutes. The fighting doesn’t start until 3:00

  3. joaoluizsn says:

    The true Ultimate Fighter!

  4. regi6500 says:

    Now your talking about past teachers and my grandparents. Like i said, your a joke. looooooool. Im sure their proud of what ive accomplished and dont give to shit about my grammer on youtube. Who gives a shit about grammer here? YOU, because your losing an argument. Anderson > Sonnen. Period!

  5. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 Nah, was just merely demonstrating your flawed logic w the numbers you tried to use. Hell, I’m providing a service for you! You should be thanking me! By the way, your sentence: “Now your a joke.”, is also flawed. It’s not ‘your a joke’; it’s ‘you’re a joke’. You mix up the possessive adjective w the contraction of ‘you are’. And you call me a joke?! Your parents and grammar teachers should be hanged for allowing you to come this far …

  6. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius lol. Now your a joke. You go from this fight to talking about Tyson. Your pathetic. 4 rounds to 1? Sonnen still lost the fight. BY EVERYONES LOGIC! He quit. You cant honestly believe Chael is a better fighter than Silva? You just like him. Anderson in ranked ahead of fighter’s like GSP, Cain, Dos Santos, BJ Penn…. Sonnen has never and probably never will be in the top 10 pound for pound. I suppose yahoo, sherdog and the majority of the UFC are wrong? Try again.

  7. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 Well, 4 rounds to 1 kinda sums it all up then, eh genius? If, by your logic, Silva’s a better fighter because of records then check this: When Tyson retired, he was 50 and 6. Wladimir Klitschko is now the same age as Tyson when Tyson retired and Klitschko is 56 and 3. So, does that make Klitschko the better fighter, or is it still a matter of opinion? You merely act as a girlfriend for Anderson Silva (and you write sentence fragments). Get a life. If no, keep fighting for your boy …

  8. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius How old are you? Chael tapped, HE QUIT. Tough? He submitted. He lost to the better fighter period. Silva choked the toughness right out of him with a triangle choke. And Sonnen only won 4 rounds, he obviously lost the last round.

  9. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 You said Silva was injured which was why Sonnen defeated him all rounds. Fighters (when they lose–as Silva did in 4.75 rounds of the fight) make excuses for losing. Silva claimed broken rib. It’s more at: he lost all those rounds because Sonnen is tougher than him. That’s what becomes clear. Silva may be a more skilled fighter, but Chael’s toughness is what made that fight.. You can carry on like Silva’s girl all you like, but the fight aspect of the fight (not the sport), Chael won.

  10. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius lol excuses. He fucking beat him. Excuse for what? I mentioned the injury because it shows what kind of fighter he is. Accept what? That Silva won the match? This isnt even an argument anymore. 14-0 to 4-4. Silva is the pound for pound best fighter out there.

  11. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 Now go and refer to your grammar books on comma splices …

  12. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 Sweet punctuation. An injured Silva, eh? There’s always the excuse, isn’t there? Sonnen beat him handily every round of that fight until he was submitted. Why’s that so hard to accept for you? I guarantee you, if he defeats Brian Stann, he’ll be the number one contender, again …

  13. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius Not to mention Sonnens’ UFC Record is 4-4. Anderson Silva is 14-0. Thats elementary.

  14. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius Known as a great fighter even by himself? At 25 -11, i dont think so. Beating an injured Silva on the scorecard who still managed to make him submit, doesnt make him a great fighter. Elementary?

  15. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 Wrong. He’s known as a great fighter (even by himself) because he was a minute from taking the belt from Silva by beating him in straight rounds. Elementary, isn’t it?

  16. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius he runs his mouth like he’s one of the best fighters out there. The fact is most people didnt know who he was until he fought Anderson Silva.

  17. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 Oh? And, how’s that?

  18. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius Yes. sonnen is a joke

  19. SullenMorbius says:

    @regi6500 no shit, sherlock. sonnen won 4.75 rounds of the fight and got foolish towards the end and allowed himself to get submitted. thats all i was saying to someone else until you decided to poke your snootch in the conversation. anything else, genius?

  20. regi6500 says:

    @SullenMorbius sonnen quit. doesnt matter who had more points when you get your ass choked out.

  21. Dicmatizer says:

    Alright you Silva haters, EAT A FAT 1….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OKAMI goes down-OKAMI goes down!!!!!

  22. acj157 says:


  23. BCMariotti says:

    brasil reina nessa porra manolo UFC BRASIL

  24. PaauloTarcyo says:

    Ele é o cara

  25. SullenMorbius says:

    @enaler1001 literally cried, eh? and, of course, you can produce the evidence of this unseemingly act, yes?