Cormier vs. Silva

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Video Rating: four / five


  1. mrbetonbey says:

    WoW.Cormier Daniel Is very god.

  2. ahsankhan1992 says:

    courmier is a beast, i hope he knocks out that guy in the finals so he can go to the ufc and dominate

  3. RoccoDonDevious says:

    after watching this I can’t believe Silva won Fedor…

  4. jozsefkacsa says:

    @FIRERUSSO1 No I think he’s a Security person and just holding that gate because Cormier’s brothers are Shaking it hard

  5. Nick718BkLyN says:

    @ceaser8999 well maybe he shouldn’t be talking shit over the internet. Just because you have problems in your life doesn’t mean you need to troll others to feel better. There’s therapist for that shit. I could care less about him because it’s the internet and it’s clear he’s just a fucking idot looking for attention. Nothing he said was even accurate at all. I know more about MMA than he does, yeah I’m not an expert but at least I can back all my info up.

  6. kommisar says:

    @Hatchyack Fag?

  7. ceaser8999 says:

    @Nick718BkLyN stop talking about peolpe u don’t know his situation

  8. Hatchyack says:

    @kommisar Troll?

  9. TheMightykaz says:

    @1raphaelsantos You think he could make 205? Looks like he could.

  10. 1raphaelsantos says:

    The Cormier is an Olympic level wrestler, has won the pan was also 2003 and bronze in the pan of the RIO, trains with Cain Velasquez at American Kickboxing Academy, although so far not known here in Brazil, was also never any one as I was reading some articles on mma specialist here in Brazil, suggesting that was a weakling and that would be easily hit by Silva.

  11. MrElcorado says:

    fedor had no gameplan!!! cormier had…. long live cormier! he deserve to win this tournament! I am very sad about overems leaving… not god behauver…

  12. schapadap says:

    @polakilehedova yea i like cormier he reminds me of a young fedor when he was super aggressive and would just run through people. he also reminds me of him because hes not very imposing looking..looks kinda chubby, doesnt look like he can pack a punch but he can

  13. djkhaled412 says:


  14. djkhaled412 says:

    @1goliathbnr cormier doesnt represent america, he represesnts the black folks

  15. FIRERUSSO1 says:

    was the bald guy in balck stomping someone @ 4:44

  16. Brooke952 says:

    Silva & Dana White dislike this video

  17. zho0616 says:

    I enjoyed this so much!!!

  18. DaBhaalspawn says:

    I like how he tries to climb the fence but can’t and goes “YEAAAAHHHH!!!” to compensate XD

  19. julianisdope says:

    @ViolentAlcoholic mop the team down

  20. polakilehedova says:

    I have no words…Cormier makes it so easy, very nice job!He took the speed advantage and that’s it, something that Fedor was doing for a long time vs big guys, now I feel even more sorry cuz Fedor didn’t win vs Silva, but this fight shows that Silva isn’t noting special , Fedor was the one who has not looked like himself(now i am bitching like pussy i know:), so yeah …once again , great win by Cormier and cheers to all his funs!

  21. supercrazytone101 says:

    @Nick718BkLyN I am not going to lie, I never got laid eitther haha, but its cause I wanna wait till I am married, other than that, funny lol

  22. jiminirvana says:

    he looked alot like cain in fighting style

  23. MMA4twenty says:

    cormier looks better every fight, displayed crisp ass striking especially in the finishing combo. looking forward to seeing him fight again

  24. shog077 says:

    Cormier wins the HWGP

  25. rainriders says:

    How could the bigfood get any help from DelaRiva for a MMA fight? That’s just a wrong training choice.