EA Sports UFC Game Review

A comprehensive overview/evaluation of this amazing addition into the realistic combating game style. So far, the only way to be actually low-cost in the game aside …
Video Ranking: 4 / five


  1. TheJo1hn says:

    I like how ea updated the game and removed the power takedowns and ssweeps
    for some people. Added kick catching…

    And btw getting up from mount against an skilled opponent (for example me
    😉 ) is not easy at all :D

  2. Josef Wright says:

    I hope this comes out on PC

  3. Peter Panter says:

    I didn’t enjoy it. They had it right with Undisputed 1 and since then
    they’ve been fixing what wasn’t broken and making it worse. This is the
    worst one so far and the poor sales so far represent that.

  4. Jay Ntn Ninjablunttoka says:

    8:13 (ish) L3 left analog stick :)

  5. jonnyv1nj says:

    The stamina isn’t all that realistic. It drains so quickly it’s almost
    laughable. Any fighter that gets tired as fast as you do in this game would
    never make it very far 

  6. downphoenix says:

    You say this is an awesome game Stan? I didnt know you were a molecular
    biologist, you pretty much have to be for this game to be playable, it has
    the most complicated control setup I’ve ever seen in a fighting game.
    Still, very good review stan, I just wish the game was a little better
    designed for pick up and play, or at least maybe a mode in the game that
    simplifies the controls some.

  7. Thunder Hawke says:

    Filthy fucking casuals complaining about the ‘too complex’ control scheme.

    I remember when gamers used to adapt and conquer, now it’s bitch bitch
    bitch because it doesn’t suit their style, and instead of learning a new
    one, they’d rather give a good game a shit review because of their

  8. stringanime says:

    Graphics look creep and unrealistic.

  9. Alex Maia says:

    Being as easy as pressing one button to get up from under a mount or side
    control is NOT realistic, you keep saying the game is realistic but then
    all you say about the gameplay (except the stamina management) is NOT
    realistic, is much more arcady, that is why most fights (on-line or
    off-line) are stand-up fights, but if you watch reality it is not like that
    at all…

  10. Angel Torres says:


  11. trahapace150 says:

    Damn this games physics and hit detection look weird

  12. ᶠᵘᵏᵏᶦᶰ ᵃᶜᵉ ᵐ⁸ says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I like the “complex” control scheme. It
    adds to the immersion for me.

  13. Matrilwood says:

    Did you seriously just call Asian gamers a bunch of casuals?

  14. ConsoleKev says:

    Chris Weidman is one of our Renzo Gracie fighters. My head coach got him
    ready for both his Silva fights. Hell yes Weidman

  15. VbombzDaBomberman says:

    I’ll pick this up if I get a PS4

  16. Zero2k0 says:

    I find the UFC games fun but always found them so clunky. I always hated
    the hit detection, it seems so random. What I am talking about mostly is
    when you are in the heat of a stand up game and both guys are throwing
    shots at each other sometimes they just whiff for no reason at all. It’s
    like the game can’t register certain animations colliding with one another
    at certain times so they just pass through each other.

  17. TheTaskmaster says:

    i can’t tell if this is ps3 or 4.
    does look realistic, except for dead ass eyes. why can’t they figure out
    non-corpse eyeballs?

  18. OwtDaftUK says:

    tried the demo and i found the controls too confusing.

  19. Alex Kozliayev says:

    Capoeira kicks in reality not so exhausting as you think. Regular high kick
    maybe is more exhausting, because you need to return your leg, while in
    spinning kicks you just moving through.

  20. shawdawg28 says:

    That last suplex…holy crap, that would knock someone out instantly.

  21. yannick van niel says:

    Looks amazing

  22. Pedro Granja says:

    Great review! Awesome graphics! Keep it up!

  23. Ty Wade says:

    Anyone who found the controls too complex or confusing after doing the easy
    ass tutorial in the beginning of the game, stfu u just suck ass garbage mf.
    U ppl complain about everything its not confusing at all plus you have the
    challenges that go more in depth with the controls

  24. jim bob says:

    Great review. I’m 13-1 online in chanpionship mode, thes tand up in this
    game is so much better than thqs games.

  25. Kapitein Lulhaas says:

    I love my UFC 2013 game. I just hate the ground wrestling fighting, i think
    that’s extremely tedious and the AI always does it perfectly.