Floyd Mayweather vs Chael Sonnen – Boxing vs MMA

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez drew some severe crticism from the UFC’s Chael Sonnen. On Fox Sports activities Stay Sonnen criticized Mayweather expressing he has never …


  1. Cailon Moshiri says:

    Lmao, ANYONE can box!
    Be born with it?
    Ignorant cunts, boxers are.
    Really, they think that Boxing is almost RARE to learn when all it is, is
    really footwork, handwork, and head movement. A fucking 8 year old could
    box with great technique. 

  2. A Escoto says:

    I have seen world class (albeit older and past their primes) Boxers, James
    Toney, Ray Mercer and others go into MMA octagon. Never seen a MMA champ,
    step into ring and challenge world class opposition.

  3. DWMTM says:

    We’ve already witnessed it, when it comes to the two fighting styles, mma
    anyday, we’ve already seen what happened when james tony and kimbo slice
    got in the cage, boxing has many rules and fights with 16 oz gloves, ufc is
    the closest to real street fighting.

  4. JRLM says:

    Who is the MMA equivalent to Ali? MMA has a long way to go.

  5. Papa Tango says:

    I agree with everything that the reporter said but the whole “athletes work
    their asses off” thing is a little annoying. Athletes don’t work their
    asses off. Athletes do work their asses off compared to a guy at McDonalds
    or a car salesman. Athletes do absolutely nothing compared to a guy who
    designs nuclear power plants. It’s important not to lose sight of the facts
    – athletes are great, but shouldn’t get more respect than a teacher or a
    doctor or something…

  6. Stricken4Pot says:

    You can respect both sports, but you have to look at this from a basic
    standpoint, which is this: “Who is the best F.I.G.H.T.E.R.?”
    “Who would win in a F.I.G.H.T. between *blank* or *blank*?”
    “In a R.E.A.L. F.I.G.H.T. who would kick the other ones ass?”
    Any “Combat Sport” with any type of restrictions in the way you approach
    defeating your opponent cannot be truly be at the top of combat sports. In
    the first UFC’s, this was the REAL *Fighting* championship. THAT’s the real

  7. james haliburn says:

    what i dont understand and what makes me laugh is how people who like
    boxing make out that martial arts is worse or martial arts is shit etc etc
    etc and people who like martial arts make out that boxing is worse or is
    shit on its own etc etc etc. you people whether your into pure boxing or
    whether your into martial arts need to understand this and stop hating on
    each other, boxing isnt shit and is a very good upper body attacking and
    defending art when it comes to fighting. you can say all you want martial
    artists but if you were in a street fight and you were at a complete equal
    with your apponent interms of your attacking and defending abilities to
    where you couldnt get the job done using your martial art or arts you would
    resort to using your fists as a natural animal instinct. you would clench
    your hands into fists and try to punch your oponants body anywhere you
    thourght was a good place to punch so obviously boxing is good, its not
    shit and even though the sport of boxing uses just hands and it may seem
    pointless to use just hands only its still a good sport to watch because of
    the fighting style used. now Boxers you cant say anything on martial
    artists either, if you were in a street fight and again you were at a
    complete equal with your opponent to where you couldnt get the job done
    using this fighting style, you would resort to martial arts. you would try
    to use your legs to throw some type of kick or you would try to take your
    opponent down or something else as an animal instinct so obviously martial
    arts is good and works well just the same as boxing does. both are good and
    considering how MMA uses boxing and how boxers in a street fight would most
    likely use MMA at some point no one has any sensible reason for hating on
    the other and none of the hating makes sense

  8. UncannyRicardo says:

    I give Floyd has a better shot at beating Jose Aldo in MMA, then Aldo has
    against Floyd in boxing.

  9. Silk Boxing says:

    You know what SUCKS? I am a diehard Boxing fan and I was a Diehard UFC fan
    when it 1st started up until Liddel, Rampage, Vitor Belfort, Tank, Hughes,
    etc were Fighting.
    I rented UFC 170 Saturday and the 2 main events lasted a Friggn minute.
    What a Fukn Joke! I’ll watch Boxing any day over UFC. I don’t see UFC guys
    making 6 to 40 million a fight. Boxing is where it started so why don’t the
    UFC guys show some respect for the Boxers and enough with comparing the 2.
    Totally different styles. Boxers are trained to keep their hands up and
    Box, with MMA, U r trained to keep hands mid level and low to watch for a
    dude kicking you in the thigh or head. Apples and Oranges here BUT I DO

  10. mrdan24 says:

    MMA is so much more “kick your ass” type of fighting. Somehow people’s most
    basic emotions are stirred with MMA as in UFC. I don’t like boxing anymore.
    It is very boring to me.
    While UFC fighting between two great fighters is raw excitement as they
    beat the hell out of each other. Boxing was my favorite sport for years .
    Now I don’t like it. It is going dead with all the corruption. And lack of
    great boxers like they had in the 90’s.

  11. rwasta7007 says:

    i would agree that he is the best boxer in the world, but he is not the
    best FIGHTER, chael sonnen is deffently not the best fighter, but he would
    DESTROY floyd in matter of seconds. double leg, down, punch in face,
    submission, EASY

  12. NathanDaNoob says:

    Floyd Mayweather? Best boxer in the world?
    Yet he ducks fights.
    Real fighters would fight everyone to be the very best.

  13. GrimReapiN says:

    Anyone can do either quite easily….

    What you’re born with is that fighting spirit. That’s something that can’t
    really be learned. If you’re got the fighting spirit, you can be a champ in
    either, or both if you so choose.

  14. Corz Illa says:

    manny would destroy Floyd.

  15. Papermate19 says:

    I don’t understand why people debate about how a skilled boxer would beat a
    skilled MMA fighter it just wont happen. A MMA fighter would beat a boxer
    any day because all’s they need is a strong BJJ and wrestling game and take
    the fight to the ground and it’s game over. For example look at the James
    Tony and Randy Couture fight, Randy new James was excellent at boxing and
    that was his strength so Randy took him down and summited him in
    the first round. 

  16. Anthony Ringeisen says:

    I wanna beat up this fucking reporter,…. Pussy

  17. austn8675 says:

    Boxing is the most corrupt, fixed sport that exists right now

  18. ahlexsis kree Lattery says:

    Both MMA and Boxing are two respectful and amazing sports that fighters
    work hard to be great champions

  19. thatrandomguy3113 says:

    Dominic cruze would beat floyds ass in seconds

  20. alan30189 says:

    “Best boxers in the world” DO NOT DUCK FIGHTS, like Mayweather is with
    Pacquiao. He is ducking him, pure and simple, using wanting more money as
    an excuse.

  21. Muyanzi Reid says:

    @pinche huey Pride sucked except for like 4 fighters: Shogun, Wanderlei,
    Crocop, and Rampage.

  22. monte carlo Saludes says:

    MMA and boxing is total different. MMA is fighting complete with all but
    minimal skills needed that derived in different combat sports.. boxing is
    pure punching. but the highest level of it. boxing the most corrupt sport
    and the only sport that the champion choose the opponents and ducking the
    no1 contender thats never happenned in MMA

  23. Lokeni Peresetene says:
  24. william eaves says:

    A light weight in MMA could choke out Klitchko. Period

  25. DrinkSkateSleep says:

    True champions don’t avoid opponents, no matter what sport you play..