GSP Workout MMA Fighter Conditioning (George St Pierre)

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  1. sid00123 says:

    The next exercise is more for the back and the Abdomi.. abdami.. the Abbs. lol. 😀

  2. ikrymidid says:

    hi there, he is so cute to try the english accent 🙂 but i like his style he is an awesome respectful & lovely jiu-jitsuka. i still training alone, i dont have a training partner . for a lady is very difficult to find a serious training partner. i do 2 km quick walkin with package 5 – 15 kg then 8km running then i loot more 20 – 25 kg 10 km – 12 km speed march. return at home. train abs – but – shoulders – triceps – neck and underarm & stretching – thx for uploading

  3. MMAFREAK021 says:

    The sound is way off! When he was doing the chest flies you could hear the dumbells bang together when they were still like 6 inches off.

  4. MMAFREAK021 says:

    Did anyone else notice that sometimes it doesn’t look like his mouth is lining up with the words right.

  5. MrGrave1986 says:


    Im pretty sure his performance in the ring can kick your ass anytime of the week maybe even your whole lifetime!

  6. RedHo0d says:

    Im sorry GSP, but im not impressed with your performance.

  7. TheRockToronto777 says:

    Don’t do giant sets unless you want to build strength or endurance. If you want to train strength do 4 exercises of 4-5 reps. If you want to build endurance do 8 to 10 reps each exercise. If you want to build mass then don’t do 4 exercises back to back, do only 2 exercises back to back and make sure it works different body parts. For example, weighted pushups and then chin ups is a good mass & strength builder. Strive for 8 to 12 reps on each exercise.

  8. giannitodaro says:

    @buffmedic01 If you go all the way down you work your pecs and front delts and abit of triceps ( depends how close you take the bar) dont you need to do the full range of motion? instead of stopping halfway is easier and is kind of cheating.

  9. buffmedic01 says:

    @giannitodaro By not going all the way down he puts emphasis on his pectoral + frontal delts… if he goes deeper he is no longer using them but his back and other delts… you also risk the chance of shoulder injury. Personally I roll up a hand towel and let the bar touch the weight on my chest. It keeps a good range of motion and reduces injury while isolating the muscles I am trying to work with a flat bench (ie pec major, triceps and front delts).

  10. soFresh207 says:

    @giannitodaro it’s actually not necessary to let the bar touch ur chest. when your upper arms goes below horizontal it actually puts the stress and pressure on ur shoulders.

  11. giannitodaro says:

    he should make the bar touc his chest instead of stopping halfway(for the bench)

  12. Sterling2g11 says:

    @Delken half way thru the video he says he’s not going full speed due to the fact he’s by himself also about your reflexes and all that other stuff you keep whining about, do you actually go to the weightroom to work on your reflexes -__- or do you go out and do cardio drills and bodyweight drills

  13. No7oriouSx says:

    @fragrantfart omfg your username is amazing

  14. youngdrumma says:

    @Delken i agree with tht

  15. Delken says:


    heheh, well I think a title in itself shouldn’t automatically give a free pass but certainly he proved himself heheh

    Though about explosion which he says the is training in the video, he hasn’t fought silva yet ;P

    And if you are training towards explosion what about say reflexes ? Couldn’t you effectively target only that expertise and without improving muscles become faster ?
    Though as some guy said he won’t be giving his diamond tricks away for free on youtube

  16. sir360 says:

    this is all in one day workout right?

  17. sir360 says:

    Do you think he use protein powder xD?

  18. youngdrumma says:

    @Delken idk man but hes one of the best fighters in the world so im not questioning him lol

  19. kb92530 says:

    bless his cotton socks he just cand find them words to describe everything

  20. crazyned321 says:

    gsp doesnt wash his hands

  21. FightMusic94 says:

    GSP is the man

  22. adelsana says:

    i love gsp

  23. Delken says:


    That’s a good point, defeats the purpose of the video though but right on

  24. adfadfewfrewafawefaw says:

    @Delken lol you think he will show his actual routines. this is a little demo

  25. Delken says:

    you don’t say…

    I thought they went in with zero technique and zero cardio training

    He says he trains for explosion, max output at max speed am I wrong
    Though he does his drills at a low pace and do a lot which does build lactic threshold though

    And since he is doing abs why not combine core training with say balance