Human Weapon [HQ] – Ninjutsu part 1/5

Ninjutsu is one particular of the most mysterious, subversive, and lethal martial arts in the environment. It is the martial artwork, tactic, and methods of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare practiced by the shinobi (generally known outdoors of Japan as ninja). A feminine ninja is known as a kunoichi. Ninjutsu was formulated by teams of folks primarily from the Iga Province and Kōga, Shiga of Japan. During background the shinobi have been observed as assassins, scouts and spies. They are mostly famous for their use of stealth and deception. They have been related in the manifeste creativity with activities that are deemed criminal by contemporary expectations. Through background many different colleges (ryū) have taught their unique variations of ninjutsu. Whilst there are numerous designs of contemporary ninjutsu, not all can be related to the historic apply of ninjutsu in Japan so as to be regarded as a koryū (a traditional or ancient martial artwork).
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  1. THAB0MBCR3W says:

    @metalhoer and the samurais aire japanese

  2. plissken83 says:

    @zombiekicker LOL

  3. ichibang15549 says:

    @RajDrummer1 Nope, there are already ninja clans in the time of samurai. The famous one is during Sengoku era. In reality, ninja is a bad guy, but comic make them look cool.

  4. RajDrummer1 says:

    @ichibang15549 no most ninja were exiled samurai.

  5. RajDrummer1 says:

    @kakssil except there is no karate aikido or judo in the bujinkan. Its actually Jujutsu.

  6. kakssil says:


  7. drummerbman says:

    They have found evidence that some famous Samurai would actually perform the roll of Ninja, though secretly as to protect their honor of course, so yes, some noble samurai were also ninja

  8. MarkArandjus says:

    Hey look, it’s Remmy Kirrmeister 😀

  9. inbredagogo says:

    it’s interesting seeing those two guys on bicycles in the middle of Tokyo not having to worry about random urban crime.

  10. inbredagogo says:

    it’s interesting seeing those two guys on bicycles in the middle of Tokyo not having to worry about random urban crime.

  11. ichibang15549 says:

    @metalhoer Nope, the fighting style of ninja is from priest and farmer, since they have to fight against the noble. You are highly misinformed sir!.

  12. KTK401 says:

    @Peri1one Exactly. Hired guns basically. (Hired sword more like) But I think metalhoer is right, the origin of the black clad assassin for hire is in China, and the fighting styles are all basically derivatives of Ju-Jitsu


  13. Amanov says:

    best show ever XD

  14. aerial3800 says:

    @metalhoer you my friend are highly misinformed lol

  15. Peri1one says:

    @metalhoer They were more like anti samurai:
    What the samuraid did, The ninja did not, like fighting “fairly” they’d use dirty tricks and did what it took to win.
    Rarley if ever functioned as soldiers, more like.. ninjas 😀 or special forces of today…
    The ninja did the jobs the samurai would concider dishonest and un-honarable, like sabtoage, infiltration, spying, assasination etc.
    Most of the ninjas were farmers and most samurais were city dwellers, most not all

  16. FuturePoliceOfficer1 says:

    Ninjas are outlaws ! They are unwanted samurais !

  17. Urchino1337 says:

    Japan is crazy 0_o “Oh u want to learn to defend yourself? Well, ill come at u with this real knife and you sho- THINK FAST!”

  18. flamy369 says:

    Beginning my Ninjutsu training at Sunday

  19. Cheburashka207 says:

    most of the ninja’s are samurais
    No.they’re not.
    Japan was always strictly classifaide.The rich(nobles)and the poor.
    Only the nobles were allowed to learn martial arts and carry a sword.
    Punishment for dissobeing was a hand cut off or even death.
    Go and learn some history.

  20. ZZaiBoT2011 says:

    It is 1 material arts from the Ninja (shinobi) & Samurai warriors left in Japan etc. Bujinkan / Ninjutsu. but a real Ninja didnt use that kind of clothes. search on wikipedia (Ninja) you find famous Ninjas, Ninja clan (iga, fuma, koga etc.). A Ninja (shinobi) used all sorts of clothing such as samurai clothes, etc. to blend in with its surroundings easier to kill the Samurai, etc.a ninja (shinobi) could look like any person to blend into the environment to kill enemies easier.

  21. TheKneekap says:

    these guys are douches

  22. TheGLOCK40cal says:

    goddamn fuckin ads

  23. Rotionpotion says:


  24. akosieagleman2 says:

    Fuck school! Let’s all be ninjas!

  25. Brady2k10 says:

    @zombiekicker they mean its a camp that they dont usually allow anyone else in to god dont take that shit so seriously