Jiu Jitsu 4th degree Black Belt, Martial arts – Train with John on Long Island

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  1. Mikey Triangles says:

    Actually I don’t mean to say there’s a lot that I can’t use. Mainly I’m a big fan on the scissor takedown but that one is not allowed. It works and I get it all the time at the gym, but can’t use it while competing. I’m not sure why that is, but there’s still a lot of other Judo throws I want to practice and experiment with.

  2. Judokaboxer1979 says:

    Judo compliments BJJ perfectly since it is based on original Judo. Which are the throws you’re talking about that are tournament illegal?

  3. Mikey Triangles says:

    Good recommendation on Christian Tissier video. I’m a BJJ guy at a Pedro Sauer school, and also trained over at Kyoto Sayville a while back. I been working on my takedown game for competition (and yes self-defense too!! ). I been looking at, and experimenting with at a lot of Judo and cool moves like on this video to get an edge. Seems like all the Judo takedowns I like are not competition legal for some arbitrary reason :-/

  4. Judokaboxer1979 says:

    In the search bar enter Christian Tissier iriminage. Click on the first option. He is the best I’ve ever seen at this technique. Very unique as well.

  5. Judokaboxer1979 says:

    Where do you train and in what art? This one?

  6. Mikey Triangles says:

    Awesome, thank you! I’ve been working on getting that one down. =)

  7. Judokaboxer1979 says:

    It is American but it is based on Hakko-Ryu Jujutsu. One of the main differences I’ve learned so far in my training is that someo of the strikes and blocks are more Muay Thai style. There are some Karate style strikes and blocks too but they are outnumbered. We also incorporate Filipino stickfighting techniques into our curriculum.

  8. Judokaboxer1979 says:

    That is called Iriminage. My sensei Joe, the first uke (training partner) of the main guy, John in this video taught it to me. Awesome move. 

  9. Mikey Triangles says:

    Does anyone know the name of the takedown he does at 3:54?

  10. samsamm77 says:

    Shame because Hotei was perfect! Suggestions: Blast – Crazy Man, Tony De Vit – Burning Up,

  11. Jeremmy Necromancy Perez says:

    Let’s talk about MMA grappling.

  12. cranberryj42 says:

    Name that song please .. Good jitsu pal.

  13. vanders1200 says:

    I think there is maybe 4 techniques that we haven’t learnt from this, I’m only on my Brown, full respect for your your grading and club though. Very good demo!

  14. jhnygthe3rd says:

    I think this song is awesome.

  15. Tịch Tà Kiếm Phổ says:

    This is japanese jiu jitsu ????

  16. vondracula says:

    3:53 – folks, this is why I love Jiu-jjitsu! 🙂

  17. Grammie Kari says:

    Oh my goodness, my Granddaughter is taking the Jiu Jitsu lessons. She’s also 8 and her brother is 11 years old.  Hopefully, they’ll never have to use it.

  18. hptunheim says:

    Need a new song …

  19. niceguy1060 says:

    some very advanced moves there

  20. festim444 says:

    Ich finde das geil ich gehe thaiboxen manchmal wende ich diese trix an haha ich ben 13

  21. Canyoudigityesyoucan says:

    The bloke is not fighting back - this is a demo.

  22. HeaventlyStar says:

    Can someone tell me the current song’s name, please ?

  23. Marc Smith says:

    Incredible skill!

    My 8 year old takes Jiu Jitsu and currently holds a yellow belt and he enjoys it. I took it for several years when I was younger and found it helpful in a few situations. His Kyoshi is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame so it is costs a little money, but he loves it so I hope he keeps going.