Jose Aldo Hints At Super Fights

Jose has changed his mind set about the way fights work.

For instance, way back in 2015 the fight he had with Conor McGregor saw him lose but he states that, even with that loss he gained a lot of money. It is not about being an honorable fighter anymore, but being commercial about it. One needs to be able to build hype about an upcoming fight and create a tension with the opponent in order to entice viewers who would want to watch the upcoming match. When the crowd is more, there is more money coming in for both players and hence, it does not matter much who wins or loses as the money is big, the bigger the promotion.

Aldo has also hinted at super fights like the one that he was trying to arrange with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Indeed, after the upcoming fight with Holloway he hopes to get into some super fights.

Aldo is confident about the upcoming fight with Holloway after which he wants other fights to be scheduled in the lightweight category. He wants to schedule super fights and that would involve different opponents. He also talks about the rematch that he wanted with Conor McGregor as well as the fight with Floyd Mayweather. As per Jose, Conor has run away from the chances of a rematch with Jose since the last match between them in 2015. That fight is one that Aldo finds hard to overcome in his mind as he was taken down in 13 seconds in the UFC Championship that had been held in December 2015. Aldo however moved to champion status after that and he wanted a rematch with Conor. Even though Aldo at thirty years of age wanted a rematch with McGregor, the latter failed to confirm a date due to which Aldo feels that he has run away from it.