Jose Aldo says UFC should pay more

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson maybe very happy with the new contract that the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC has signed him on but according to UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo, he is not happy with what he gets.

Ever since Dana White, the UFC president took aim at arguably the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world, Aldo has been getting more and more vocal about the way the promotion treats its fighters, the compensation they get from the UFC. The Brazilian has repeatedly cried foul over the payments, or lack of it, made to the fighters by the UFC.

Now, the Brazilian fighter, who many see as one of the greatest fighters of all time, has taken that criticism to the next level. Speaking before a UFC Fight Night event, Scarface said in a question and answer session with the fans that it almost costs fighters like him a lot of money to fight in the biggest promotion in the world.

Jose Aldo said that the fighters get paid a lot less than what they deserve. He added that the athletes deliver shows and deserve a lot better payment than they get. He said that they practically have to pay from their own pockets to compete in the UFC and the fighters deserve to get a lot more when they promote the fights.

Scarface said that it’s not just the promotion but also the media that treats them like exotic animals. It’s only because of the fans that fighters keep doing what they do.

And Jose Aldo is not wrong. Fighters often have to pay huge amounts from their own pockets to organize training camps and to fly out specialist coaches and the money they make from an event hardly cover these costs and they have nothing left over.