Martial Arts Self Defense Techniques that Prevent Rape

Report by Bruce Sturdy

In a lot more and far more large metropolitan areas all around the globe, girls are learning martial arts self defense tactics in buy to preserve their individual sovereignty. Rapists occur in all shapes, measurements, and shades, but they have a number of things in widespread that a canny woman can consider benefit of: they are aggressive, they want to be in manage, they want you to be scared, and at some point they have to get their penis out.

There are all way of desperation gambits that can be utilized as soon as that ultimate stage has been reached, from biting and clawing to screaming in his ear. It is much more essential to appear at how to preserve things from reaching that stage. There are several de-escalation, negotiation, and escape methods that can assist, but let’s assume you have attained the point in which defending yourself indicates physical violence. It can be a distressing actuality, but fifty percent of the females in the world will be confronted with the need to have to bodily defend by themselves at some position in their lives. If you can not go discover martial arts directly, at least understanding these martial arts self defense maneuvers can support.

Assault the Testicles

It really is so standard that calling it a ‘martial arts’ transfer seems type of silly, but think about: there is no more quickly way to ruin a rapist’s intention. Whether or not it really is a easy front kick or a significant outer leg reap with a knee drop stick to-up, any method that will provide substantial damage to the testicles is the range 1 anti-rape in your arsenal.

Controlling the Weapon

Most rapists count on fear, and numerous decide on to generate fear by bringing a massive, wicked-looking knife or a shiny chrome gun with them on their ‘mission’. Martial arts self defense strategies that concentrate on weapon management are therefore an critical component an any anti-rape repertoire.


Ok, not really — kiaijutsu is really a Japanese martial artwork that focuses on channeling your ki through your voice and impacting opponents that are at a distance by yelling at them. But finding out to genuinely use your voice to shout true loud is a profoundly easy but extremely powerful anti-rape weapon. It can be considerably more challenging than it seems, particularly for introverted ladies, to understand what it feels like to truly permit loose. Have a person push on your diaphragm while you hold a notice, and you may get an idea. Apply!


Critically. You possibly can not discover martial arts like ninpo taijutsu — the genuine fighting artwork that the ninja employed — but the standard principles driving ninjitsu are there for the using. 1st, conceal your intention, and second, use almost everything as a weapon. If you are about to be raped, conceal your intention by undertaking some thing totally sudden: offer to get your clothing off. Act fair, tell him you do not want to have to buy much more clothing…no matter what — and then reach down, just take off your high heels, and beat the hell out of him with them.

Most rapes are crimes of possibility. That indicates that even fundamental martial arts self defense strategies can scare off most rapists — and as soon as you’ve carried out that, you’ve won.

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