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Article by Bryan

When you are in the MMA field it is incredibly important to get the proper workout. You need a good MMA workout so your body can be ready for all the physical activity you are going to put it through, and oh boy are you going to put it through some heavy duties work! There are many different types of workouts for MMA and they all serve a purpose. Some will work out your upper body to give you better strength and movement for boxing, while others will work out your cardio so you can keep going for each 5 minute round.

One of the most important aspects of a MMA workout is cardio and that will be the first thing we discuss here. Now on average you will have to get in the ring for 5 minutes at a time with only a 1 minute break in between each round. So that means you have to work for a total of 15 minutes with only 2 minutes worth of rest time, and that’s in a non-championship fight. That’s exactly why you need good cardio to last through the fight.

One of the best workouts for this is running, this will amp up your cardio tremendously and keep you at peak condition through the entire 15 minute fight. Now you should work even harder to condition yourself for a 25 minute fight, that’s a championship fight, and you won’t always be in a fight like that but if you are conditioned and ready for one then a fight that is 10 minutes shorter will be a breeze. Most fighters will lose a fight not because they aren’t good enough, but because they get winded.

Another great MMA workout is using a heavy bag for punching and kicking. Not only will this help you work on your technique but it will also help you strengthen your hands and legs for a fight. If you go into a match without working on your fists and legs then every single punch and kick is going to hurt. When each strike hurts you are going to throw less, you are also going to lose focus because you are in pain when you shouldn’t be.

A lot of professional fighters claim that they work on strengthening their legs and hands for a few hours each workout. This is so when you throw a strike you don’t even notice it and from there you can continue to throw strikes with no worry of slowing down because of pain. This also comes into play with one of the BEST MMA workouts, and that is sparring.

Sparring will help you in ways you can’t even imagine. Sparring will give you a chance to see what your training as compiled into. You can practice until you can’t move but you will never really know how it is to react to a live person who is also thinking and moving and striking back until you get in the ring and try it out. The problem with that is you don’t want to be in a REAL fight the first time you experience that, so be sure to get in a lot of sparring time before your actual fight.

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