Overrated/Underrated MMA Fighters – Part 1

www.osbornemccarty.com Osborne and McCarty discuss fighters they believe are overrated and in excess of-appreciated. We welcome your thoughts, concepts and thoughts. Component 1 of 2. Verify again for Underrated Fighters. http


  1. greenbay357 says:

    Don’t buy into the UFC has the best martial artists in the world crap. There are so many safety procedures in UFC, you don’t really get to see what is truly possible in a fight. Don’t get me wrong these are some bad dudes now, I wouldn’t want to be toe to toe with them. But people, seriously they are not the best of the best

  2. cupy1 says:

    bisping isnt hugley ovrratted he deff isnt top 10 but he is gatekeeper level and has a few decent wins guida isnt overrated he is hand full for any one ya hes not very technical cuse thats just not his game plane

  3. thecrazyoftheinsane says:

    overrated=anderson silva, big nog, little nog, RICH FRANKLIN, forrest griffin, thiago silva, chris leben, theres just so many

  4. ssmatt33333 says:

    i dont agree about bisping.

  5. ssmatt33333 says:

    i dont agree about michael bisping

  6. ssmatt33333 says:

    i dont agree about michael bisping

  7. pumpdaddythe1st says:

    joe stevenson is definitely overrated, I dont see him win that much against guys on top of the food chain in his division, especially well known guys

  8. VLadoSy says:

    Its juSt funny how you dare to rate fighters like that


    hmm didn’t he KO Silva too.. (Thiago) Besides his fight with shogun he’s gets hit an average of like 2 times a fight.

  10. Collzer23 says:

    lyoto overrated? okay bud.

  11. pjo12 says:

    clay guida is a little ortiz

  12. ratedcko says:

    just because you ko a striker doesnt mean your a striker. 1. who hasnt beaten chuck lately(exept wandi) and 2. griffin was kicking his ass b4 he got caught

  13. melvinjew says:

    LOL, rashad is a BIG time striker. He knocked out chuck and forrest with strikes.

  14. ratedcko says:

    lyoto is overrated.
    dispite the fact he is undefeated, everyone thinks that he has ko power since he ko’d rashad, AND RASHAD ISNT EVEN A STRIKER!!

  15. windsorlaser says:

    Clay Guida overrated? You’re missing the point – Guida is not in there because he is the most skilled MMA fighter, he is in there because he is one of the toughest, most consistant and most entertaining fighters out there. I always look forward to Guida fights, and really, whether Guida wins or loses doesn’t matter in the least.

  16. stabyourcat says:

    I don’t know about Guida. He’s beat some good guys, and hung in there with the elite of the elite. Now for overrated… how do you three feel about Cheick Kongo? Great striker, but has terrible ground game,and his greatest fault… he fails to adjust in his fights. Anyways, keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the new predictions.

  17. ratedcko says:

    i kno, the cut seems to be shitty, but he is still overrated now

  18. dranged says:

    another loss? the only one he has is a cut……… then he merked the dude

  19. Matt1301344 says:

    Thanks Jared Paulo Filho sucks

  20. gtfkiller says:

    noone is saying that kimbo is great…lol

  21. tman94100 says:

    i thinck kimbo is overreated all he can do is punch likt the roy nelson fight he got smoked

  22. kaarlopop says:

    yeayea yum yum yum this list is pretty shitty

  23. kanguesso says:

    i think that many MMA fighters fall really on the overrated side. why? well, the sport itself it’s pretty new. Only now do we have kids actually growing up practicing MMA per se. Before you took a boxing class here and a wrestling class there. I think that in probably 20 to 30 years time, we will see more of the likes of GSP, Anderson Silva and Machida even though these fighters are really once in a life time talent. But, when you grow up with MMA or you’re Born into it, you tend to be deadly.

  24. stabyourcat says:

    I agree with everything you said.

  25. nizepart0519 says:

    Fedor is overrated.