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A comprehensive overview/evaluation of this amazing addition into the realistic combating game style. So far, the only way to be actually low-cost in the game aside …
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The Rock reveals his feud with John Cena was actual in life

The feud between WWE legend The Rock and John Cena is one of the most memorable ones in recent past. It was characterized by some serious brawls. Both of them were busty taking out each other in the ring or outside it. The controversy was fuelled by John Cena’s comments regarding Dwayne Johnson being involved with Hollywood and thereby not being bothered about the WWE fans. The Rock did not waste any time in refuting to this statement. He immediately intervened and the two started one of the most dreadful enmity in the history of WWE. Presently they have patched and are strangely great friends. But this was not the case before. The Rock himself admitted that it went onto a very personal level and the two thereby had to prove their worth against one another. This resulted in two of the greatest Wrestlemania events of all time.

The Rock has been engaged in feud with a number of people since his debut in WWE. The list includes legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan. He has mostly come out on top but has also bitten the dust. But the huge amount of respect that he receives from the fans and his colleagues is unparallel. The business that he has brought to the WWE is unimaginable. He call shimself the peple’s champion and rightly so. Even after so much success in Hollywood he has never forgotten his strong roots in wrestling and has turned up for WWE whenever he has been required. The showman as he is, people love him and his moves in the ring. The idea of a common man coming into the limelight and taking an entire generation by storm has been the achievement of only one person and tha is undoubtedly The rock.

MMA Trainings Motivation

Sooo Online video Nr.2, hoffe es gefällt euch ) sorry für die relativ schlechte Videoquali aber ich werde mich mal in Zukunft darum kümmern, in Form von einer neue…
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Dominick Cruz in line for immediate title shot

Before a long list of unfortunate injuries derailed his career, Dominick Cruz was, by far, the most dominant force in the Bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC and was also the divisional champion at that time. He was forced to surrender his championship belt earlier this year after a groin injury delayed his comeback further and since then, Renan Barao, the former interim divisional champion, has unified the UFC Bantamweight Championship to become the lineal champion after his win over Urijah Faber.

While every Mixed Martial Arts fan is eager for Cruz to make his long waited return to the UFC, Dana White, the president of the UFC has claimed that he has no idea when the 29 year will be fit enough to make his comeback to the promotion.

However, in spite of this long layoff from the sport, Dominick Cruz would still be in line for an immediate shot at the UFC Bantamweight Championship immediately upon his return, if that was what he wanted.

White said that he had heard nothing from Cruz or his minders in recent weeks. He added that he doesn’t know what is going on with him but mentioned that he doesn’t think that after going through such a long layoff, it would be right to throw him in to a championship match when he returns unless that is something he wants.

The UFC boss went on to add that Dominick Cruz was the divisional champion before all this injury woe and he deserves to have a shot at the title again. But Renan Barao is one nasty fighter and according to White, if he were in the shoes of Cruz, he would wait some time before taking the Brazilian on for a title shot, especially after this long a layoff.

UFC Undisputed 3 Debut Trailer

Brutal toe-to-toe combat, raw fight emotion, this is UFC Undisputed three For more data, strike us up at: http://www.ufcundisputed.com.
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UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Countdown Show

http://little bit.ly/Lr6dRG Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva will finish what they started out in the most predicted rematch in UFC historical past. Observe live on DIRECTV on J…
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