Should I Enroll my Boy or Girl in the Martial Arts?

With the release of the latest Karate Kid film last week, some parents are concerned about whether they should sign up their child in a martial arts class. If you or your kid has never joined a martial arts school in the past, it can be a scary decision that comes with a great deal of questions.

The greatest worry amongst the majority of parents is whether their child is going to be safe when practicing with other students. That is definitely a very legitimate concern, because most of the martial arts involve some contact with other pupils when practicing self-defense techniques, sparring, or throws. However, most trainers request help from assistant instructors during children’s classes to try to protect against injuries from taking place. Additionally, almost all schools enforce a minimum age requirement for sparring and other techniques that demand contact amongst students. The best recommendation I can provide you with would be to watch your kid take an introductory class before becoming a member of any martial arts dojo. It will be possible to tell quickly if your kid is comfortable in the class by his or her body language when interacting with other pupils and the instructors. In most towns, you’ll find many different martial art schools to pick from, so you will most likely wish to visit a few prior to signing up for any dojo.


The second greatest concern amongst many parents is the amount of dedication to training karate lessons will require of their child. As with any sport or pursuit, your kid has a better rate of success when they attend every class and spend time practicing outside of class. Depending on your child’s athletic abilities, she or he might be able to have great results without training at your home, but the average martial artist spends a lot of time everyday honing their skills. With this in mind, lots of parents worry their child’s schooling will come second to the martial art, and their child’s grades will start to slide. But bear in mind, a large number of martial art schools now have a contract in place enforcing that children sustain a specific grade point average if they intend to take part in classes.

In general, the bonuses to putting your son or daughter in a karate course far outweigh the down sides. Nearly all teachers place a significant emphasis on respect for authority and discipline, which can be extremely significant attributes for your kids to learn during their impressionable youth. In lots of dojos, children are educated that unfavorable activities like drug use, fighting, and bad language are intolerable and will ultimately result in being removed from upcoming lessons.

With a staggering 64% of US citizens overweight, kids can dramatically benefit from keeping active in a healthy sport like Karate or Jiu Jitsu. Many martial arts provide a good amount of exercise for their participants, and by teaching your children the joy of physical activity at a young age, they have a greater chance of turning out to be healthy adults. As they develop and get in better shape, kids are inclined to see a spike in self-esteem, which can make a considerable difference in other facets of his or her life.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of enrolling your kid in karate is that she or he will acquire a new set of skills that could enable them to protect themselves if assaulted. Even though fighting is looked down on in most karate schools, self-defense techniques are a normal aspect of the program. Senseis attempt to prepare students to defend themselves in instances where they are bullied or in physical danger. As a parent, you will sleep much better at night realizing your kid is not defenseless in the case of a kidnapping attempt.

After reading this, if you are still unwilling to register your child in a dojo, you might want to consider taking a class with your child to alleviate any worries you may have. I do think you will quickly discover that there is very little to fret about.