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MMA fighter José Aldo has just recently had a clash with fellow fighter max Holloway; the two have been in a war of words over the cancellation of their proposed duel. The UFC 208 match, which was set to go down on 11 February, has been cancelled. While unexpected, it was to be a featherweight […]

Aikido martial arts

demonstratie aikido, lectii de auto-aparare //// accident tragic la Vancouver Video Rating: 4 / 5

Martial Arts KO compilation

A compilation of various martial arts knock-outs, created by SnakesKiss88. Substantial good quality recommanded. Online video Rating: four / five

Should I Enroll my Boy or Girl in the Martial Arts?

With the release of the latest Karate Kid film last week, some parents are concerned about whether they should sign up their child in a martial arts class. If you or your kid has never joined a martial arts school in the past, it can be a scary decision that comes with a great deal […]