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Ninjutsu – The Ninja Practiced Mixed Martial Arts Long Before MMA Was Cool!

Are you intrigued in combined martial arts education? Do you like the notion of cross-training in distinct disciplines and expertise so that you might be not constrained to just punching and kicking or just grappling? Effectively, you happen to be not on your own. In reality, this has been the ten years of blended martial […]

Mixed Martial Arts For Young people – Could it be A Good Option For Your Kid?

Post by Jennifer Jones-Wilder You can find a broad range of viewpoints relating to blended martial arts. Some men and women feel it is a very good activity as well as an outstanding way to continue to be match and also to cultivate self-self-discipline. Even though some look at MMA as a fully barbaric affair […]

Toronto Mixed Martial Arts Clothing Company Sponsors Female Mma Fighter Liz Posener

December 17, 2006 &#thirteen Press Release – Toronto Ontario – Blended Martial Arts clothes firm Submit Gear Inc is proud to announce their sponsorship of Canadian mixed martial arts fighter Liz Posener. &#thirteen Liz is a 31 year old mom of two, who research Pankration and Muay Thai kickboxing at the Kel Lee’s Academy of […]

Mixed Martial Arts Baltimore: Three Disciplines Make Up Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Focus

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a complete make contact with activity permitting a extensive range of combating strategies.  These tactics assortment from a combination of martial arts traditions and non-traditions employed in competitions.  These competitions allow martial artists of diverse backgrounds to contend following rules that permit the use of striking and grappling tactics, […]

What I Did Not Know About Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Or the UFC!

I am not a Combined Martial Artist, a.k.a. MMA or UFC historian or aficionado – I am just a enthusiast from again in the day. Whereas investing my time instructing Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing, I was fascinated with Mixed Martial Arts. I must have rented every single and every UFC videotape I could discover […]

Mixed Martial Arts & Street Based Combat Reviewed!

When it arrives to self defense on the streets, Nothing at all beats Actual Knowledge! So, if you do not personally have this expertise, you should discover from an individual that DOES. I will not say this boastfully, but considering that I’ve noticed life behind prison walls, and also been employed as a bouncer in […]