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Dominik Martinak Training

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[2010] Jean-Claude Van Damme (50 years) – Training (

Hollywood motion star, martial artist and previous middleweight karate and kickboxing champion (twenty Wins [twenty KO’s], two Losses, Attracts) Jean-Claude Van Damme (50 decades old) is training for the Muay Thai battle against Olympic Gold Medalist Somrak Khamsing (Somluck Kamsing) in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) in July / August 2011! JCVD – Bodybuilding JCVD […]

Why are Certain Martial Arts Techniques Always Left Out of Self Defense Training?

It looks like a big proportion of self defense courses and techniques incorporate at the very least some factors of martial arts.  This could be swift strikes, simple to use grappling tactics, and the like.  Even so, if you consider a appear at what is practically never used in these programs, there are three qualities […]

MMA Training Aurora on Character Building

Article by Dion Riccardo Health and fitness is not just the only concern of Mixed Martial Arts Training Oswego, but more importantly is that they make sure to reinforce among the students a key ingredient…. Character Building. Somehow, we are aware that the molding of character begins at home and in some way, nowadays, parents […]

The Importance of Training With MMA Head Guards

Article by Todd Erwin Mixed martial arts and similar sports involve combat fighting that generates a fair amount of blows to the head. As such, fighters must wear MMA headgear to be fully protected against concussions, cuts, bruises, and broken bones. The decision to wear one is optional. Some fighters find them too constrictive and […]

How to Get an Incredible Start in Your Mixed-Martial Arts MMA Training: Our 3 Top Tips

With the World’s quickest expanding activity gaining more and more recognition, there are far more and far more would be fighters wanting to just take a shot at it. Some pupils commence out with neglecting some of the essential functions that make fighters successful. We’ve nailed a few frequent types that you should take note […]

MMA Training 101: Why Practice Take-Down Defence?

Wrestling is turning out to be far more and much more useful a martial artwork to make use of in blended martial arts. Even when you know all the strikes and submissions the wrestlers can even now just take you down pound you out. Now we show you the reasons you require to be teaching […]

How To Win An MMA Fight – Training On The Ground

With ground martial arts almost unheard of in many areas of the globe, Royce Gracie entered the cage at UFC 1 and showcased how essential ground combating actually is. He submitted fighter right after fighter generating BJJ the floor game that everybody wished to learn and combined-martial arts the greatest activity it has grow to […]

Awesome Pre-Fight Training Routine For MMA Fighters Called “The Machine”

We are witnessing firsthand the evolution of activity. In occasions passed, elite athletes strived to get to goals of Olympic glory or skilled position. These days, the most recent phenomenon in sport is blended martial arts. MMA continues to expand in expertise and reputation. The stars formed from it are the new tremendous athletes. With […]

Randy Couture training with Brock Lesnar

Randy Couture coaching with Brock Lesnar in DeathClutch camp in preparation for Brocks title defense against Shane Carwin at UFC 116.