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Ken Shamrock And Tito Ortiz In The UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Season 3

The Final Fighter 3 was the third year of the combined martial arts reality tv series The Final Fighter. It premiered on April 6, 2006, instantly after the conclusion of Final Fight Evening four. The period featured sixteen fighters (8 light heavyweights and 8 middleweights) with nonetheless-feuding previous champion Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock as […]

MMA Training Guide – Ultimate MMA Strength

Report by Andrei Felix Do you want to be one of individuals buffed up combined martial arts fighters? Have you usually wished you were as strong and properly built as they are? With the appropriate type of MMA coaching information, you can constantly have the likelihood to be as strong and well constructed as any […]

The UFC Toronto And The Ultimate Fighter

The fighters may possibly acquire the match the number of several tactics, for illustration, knockouts and submissions are among the favored finishes for most supporters. Then there are wins by referee stoppage, disqualification for illegal attacks and TKO (Technical Knockout). The least favourite way to conclude the battle for most of the supporters, would most […]