Top 3 Best Mma Pound For Pound Fighters In The World

With fights in the numerous elements of the globe like in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia, and the U.S, the query continues to be: Who are the best MMA pound for pound fighters in the planet earth?

In each and every individual excess weight class, many lists come out on various sites giving ranking for the mma pound for pound fighters. But no site venture to call out a single “best of the best” mma fighters. This is the finest way to preserve up with the MMA. Under is our ranking of the finest pound-for-pound fighters in the entire world, irrespective of excess weight class or league affiliation.

one. Anderson Silva – 185/205 (UFC) (Latest Center Excess weight Champ/UFC)
This brute is infact the best specialized striker in the MMA. He picks his opponents apart methodically, with lethal accuracy. He has lifted himself to a greater level than any fighter. What else we can say about Silva just come to feel sorry for his following victim.

2. Georges St. Pierre – 170 (UFC/UCC) (Current Welter Excess weight Champ/UFC)
St. Pierre also identified as Rush, has harmful knockout pace and strength in his fingers and kicks, not to overlook this with excellent wrestling and jiu jitsu styles. He is noticed as one particular of the biggest wrestlers in his division, but his base style was in no way wrestling – GSP is just a normal.

three. Fedor Emelianenko – Heavyweight (Affliction/Pride)
He is the mma pound for pound fighter who has never ever been stopped by an opponent in a fight. He suffered one loss because of to a doctor stoppage. He has the most significant checklist of victims in MMA. He is the finest heavyweight in the entire world with heavy hands, world championship Sambo, ground and pound, and a God like chin and resistance to hurt. Several US mma pound for pound  followers really don’t know much about Fedor due to the fact he’s carried out most of his fighting in Japan and Russia. None the much less you cant argue with his stats and capacity.