UFC 110 Wanderlei Silva vs Michael Bisping predictions by Anderson Silva , Jose Aldo , Nogueira …

Brazilian fighters send a message of assistance to Wanderlei Silva and speak about his next fight against Michael Bisping. Starring: Anderson Silva , Jose Aldo , Rogerio Nogueira , Paulo Thiago , Thales Leites , Andre Galvao and several other individuals. Check out www.wandfightteam.com


  1. joerazojr says:


  2. ninjaboyjeff says:

    @unclebuck39 unclebuck39

  3. unclebuck39 says:

    @ninjaboyjeff they shit their pants that much they shit on everybody around them.

  4. KBMYou says:

    can someone tell me which song this is?

  5. ninjaboyjeff says:

    @BartRamone Marines don’t shit their pants.

  6. basseojeppe says:

    Wanderlei is the reason why i love MMA, what a nice guy he is, and a killer in the ring. We all remember Ali, Foreman and Fraiser from boxing, and they fought a long time ago… We will always remember Wanderlei as one of the best pound for pound fighters of all time…. Norway salutes you

  7. MrSamyboi911 says:

    seinfeld bass intro almost haha

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  9. ViolentAlcoholic says:

    gracie has a fucked up smile

  10. rafaelbritzke says:

    o cara vai se fude com o romario

  11. pedreschi23 says:

    dude you’re clearly a douchebag so just stop talking

  12. Zttbm says:

    I wish Wallid had said “Michael Bisping is chicken!”

  13. DarkBeast29 says:

    @Francog23 belt would win again

  14. SMThePhenom says:

    @OngBak799 no one said you have to like the army, you shouldn’t disrespect a group of people that are fighting out in the middle east; and I prefer the navy/marines.

  15. OngBak799 says:

    @SMThePhenom lol all i said was im not an army type of person. I told you to get off the armys dick in otherwords your all up on their nuts lol jst shh yourself

  16. SMThePhenom says:

    @OngBak799 your the dick man, disrespecting people over the internet. Fucking keyboard warrior!

  17. OngBak799 says:

    @SMThePhenom all i have to say to you is…get off the armys dick lol

  18. SMThePhenom says:

    @OngBak799 You keep telling yourself that. Wand is a great fighter and yeah if a dude in the military stepped in the octagon against wand, yeah he would lose, because the way they fight isn’t for competing it’s for killing!

  19. OngBak799 says:

    @SMThePhenom w/e man ive watched more mma then you ever have…in my opinion the militarys a joke i was refering to someone saying that wand couldnt compete against ppl in the military. Ive personaly met wanderlei and he if far more skilled in standup and probably grappling as well.

  20. SMThePhenom says:

    @OngBak799 wtf are you talking about the military is a joke. Firstly the UFC and all MMA organizations pay tribute the armed forces. UFC houses a sport with rules and regulations the military fights for real. With a name like OngBak I can see why you made that comment. To you Hollywood stunts and choreographed fight scenes is real fighting!

  21. aba2185 says:

    @lacrosseguy23 he didnt outstrike him much its not like he dominated he didnt do much with his strikes and was saved by the bell 2x and thats why wand wont the fight. pisbing didnt do enouch to get a decisive win he tried to win by points while wand tried to end the fight. its like saying me and you are gonna fight you are gonna hit me 5x and i will hit you 3x you will use a pillow and i will use a baseball bat who will win?

  22. lacrosseguy23 says:

    @aba2185 you dont understand what im saying it doesnt matter if they were jabs bisping outstruck him and overall outpointed him. wanderlei may have be swinging for the finish but he wasnt connecting with any of those wild haymakers, except once at the end of the fight. bisping was the more technical striker. wanderlei got picked apart and got a gift decision. and if you think takedowns are nothing than you most likely dont watch mma.

  23. aba2185 says:

    @lacrosseguy23 takedowns are nothing if you dont do anything wand was not on the ground longer than 10 seconds and wand was fighting for the finish and it showed what bisping did was just jab nothing special didnt try to finish the fight

  24. lacrosseguy23 says:

    @Francog23 if your care about wanderleis health you wouldnt ask for that fight.

  25. lacrosseguy23 says:

    @aba2185 he may not of got any good gnp on wand but he still scored takedowns. and that gulliotine wand had on him he didnt tap from for like 20 seconds so chances are he would of slipped out anyway even if the bell hadnt gone off. and it doesnt matter if he was running he was countering everything and he was landing clean shots while wand was just swinging wildley.