UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Countdown Show

http://little bit.ly/Lr6dRG Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva will finish what they started out in the most predicted rematch in UFC historical past. Observe live on DIRECTV on J…
Online video Score: 4 / five


  1. Jaime Abregana III says:

    Are you ready for Silva vs Sonnen II? | http://youtu.be/6m12xQa9lnE

  2. Timothy Alvarez says:

    Might see the fight with my cousin at Bar Luie… 

  3. kylio27 says:

    What an assumptive idiot you are. I am not an “occupy douchebag”. I
    actually disagree wholeheartedly with much of what the Occupy movement
    stands for. I do not use drugs, and I run my own business. The latter part
    of your comments seem to suggest I dislike capitalism, when that couldn’t
    be further from the truth. America WAS great, but is losing itself. I hope
    even you can see that.

  4. dumanator1 says:

    Chael’s comments are just getting ridiculous, but funny!

  5. brad Ludwig says:

    i hope chael wins but the only way that will happen if he keeps it on the

  6. munn303 says:

    country boy will always fuck up a nigger if its a one on one fight

  7. Atreyu TheNinja says:

    “there has never been an answer for throwing a guy on his back & running
    fist and elbows into his face.” umm actually ya there is Chael it’s called
    the Δ. lol …what you don’t remember?

  8. Moyses Oliveira says:

    Otarios o peixe morre pela boca Sonnen fala muito e luta pouco ,deveria ter
    apanhado mais ,caiu e calou ,Silva e o melhor

  9. SuperToastyCrucnch says:

    “im gonna beat him the way his parents should have beaten him” haha thats a
    good call

  10. Eleventhization says:

    Chael really knows how to sell a fight! He is just ENTERTAINING!

  11. Matthew Singh-Dosanjh says:

    The Chael-wrestling-in-the-pool footage is pure homo-erotic comedy gold.
    Whoever is facing him next after the Silva fight, they should edit that
    stuff into pure hilarity and make it viral.

  12. doomrider7 says:

    To be fair Chael IS a good fighter, but I agree on the steroid comment you
    made. Ironically, he didn’t start going from Journeyman/Gatekeeper to
    Contender until he went on the whole TRT treatment HELL even Dana has gone
    on record saying that he’d ban if he could since it would be so easy to
    exploit it as a cheating loophole.

  13. osbornehunter says:

    fuk sonnen, i lost all respect when it went public he supplements his balls
    with testosterone…thats fkn bullshit and ufc supports? least boxing
    cracks down somwhat on these cheaters..

  14. Pedro Reinaldo says:


  15. chukenotothebone says:

    oh shit! sorry broke back cowboy i didnt realise you and that shit talking
    punk were lovers. silva bitch slapped that hoe and he dropped into a fetal
    position like if silva was his daddy, thats how he got his ass handed to
    him. i would have just shanked that bitch in the neck for talking shit!!

  16. kizzmac says:

    Black Brazillian Anderson Silva admires black American atheletes and
    entertainers. Interesting.

  17. Ben Lloyd says:

    I know what you’re trying to say, but I don’t think he’s doing it for
    attention. I think he does to get under the fighters skin, so they fight,
    which we know from experience can ruin a fighter. And I think it worked
    against silva the second time around, lol.

  18. Yordan Yordanov says:

    ahahaha really, you don’t say

  19. Anastrodamus says:

    I love how people believe the hype videos making it look as if this is a
    fight of two equal talents. Its the same as Rashad Y Jone Jones fight .
    People actually gave Rashad a chance b/c of hype videos like this one.
    There is no comparing these two fighters. Nothing. The only reason he was
    able to do what he did is b/c of steroids. He is not really a good fighter.
    Anyone who looks at him closely would total agree.

  20. hershysquirts187 says:

    Chael got spanked again. Maybe hell finally learn to shut the fuck up.

  21. brybry19871987 says:

    Yea I bet. Maybe you should go get some ice cream and stop trying to
    impress…. who ever it is your trying to impress. And besides, why study
    when you have an “asian girlfriend”. Haha Asian isn’t a race dude the lie
    detector just went off. Go ahead tell me how cool you are again.

  22. ShawnRproductions says:

    what black keys song is that at the end???

  23. stevey626 says:

    I like how people think sonnen used steroids its trt u dumbasses its not
    against the rules sonnen destroyed silva make all the excusses u want ur
    boy still lost sonnen was the only person that planted that seed that silva
    has a weakness he lets his guard down weidman took advantage and killed
    silva just as sonnen did we all know anderson took a cheap shot quit riding
    silva and LBJ’s ass quit going for over rated pussies and following crowds
    as what the rock would say know ur role and shut ur mou

  24. RickVA says:

    This is why everybody hates Americans, the guy is a fucking douchebag. But
    he´s gonna get what he deserve soon.. very soon.