UFC’s Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White: UFC Bigger than NFL – Full WSJ Interview

The WSJ’s Lee Hawkins interviews Supreme Preventing Championship moguls Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta about the continued increase of UFC and the foreseeable future of the …
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  1. suryavajra says:

    UFC bigger than NFL?? Since when??

  2. PREDATOR11910 says:

    american sports media won’t cover UFC/MMA like they do for baseball or NFL

  3. Tony Montana says:

    ufc will never be bigger than soccer known as football, never, too much
    money global appeal not everyone likes two men fighting and bloodied up,
    has a history
    jon jones one of the best fighters makes a million or just under for a fight
    lol messi ronaldo make 1.5 million euros in a month
    than transfers are ridiculous
    ufc needs another 10 years to see where its headed

  4. GearsDemon says:

    ice t?

  5. hippo potamus says:

    what the hell is up with the dumb background funk music crap

  6. llubtip15 says:

    dana white is a just a fat piece of shit who ages at twice the rate of a
    normal person ghopefully that means he will die sooner

  7. Paul Dillon says:

    Dana comparing the ufc to soccer haha keep off the drugs wr white

  8. sheba1sheba1 says:

    dana white I love the ufc and you and ur partners but it will turn to hate
    soon if I see you give that punk ass bitch bi bi bieber wtffffffff

  9. Ulric GroyneSniffer says:

    Can’t help but thrust slowly to this porn music

  10. John Bass says:

    The Story of the UFC is well worth learning from.

  11. MMA FANatic says:

    UFC’s Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White: UFC Bigger than NFL

  12. QUIXCINEMA says:

    You’re an idiot. Yes they are lol………….Globaly UFC > NFL. but for
    soccer ye they are not close to soccer. Soccer is bigger.

  13. DarkRenaissance2012 says:

    MMA is the True ~sweet science~

  14. William Phillips says:

    Floyd vs Guerrero barely did 1mil ppv buys. Floyd vs Canelo will probably
    do around 2 million ppv buys. That just shows you the star power Canelo
    already possess. Along with Canelo there will be at least another emerging
    star. When Ali was wrapping up his career along came a guy named Sugar Ray
    Leonard. They had said boxing was going to be finished. When Leonard
    retired they said the same thing then came Mike Tyson. Once De la Hoya
    retired Pacman and Money took over. History repeats itself

  15. William Phillips says:

    I like Pettis but UFC fans don’t appreciate the smaller guys as much.Aldo
    who? People love the old school UFC where there were a galore of
    personalities and entertaining fights. Canelo vs Mayweather contradicts
    your claim about North America. UFC isn’t a mianstream sport lets be real
    with ourselves just like boxing isn’t. Boxing loves holding events in
    Texas, California, New York, and Nevada of course because those events get
    soldout. I know what I am talking about

  16. fightwildlivewild says:

    the coolest thing about UFC, is that wrestlers get a chance to go somewhere
    with their sport…

  17. isitcosimblack says:

    if those are facts , you can produce em , right ? as far as i know boxing
    is doing reasonable lately , topfighters earn in boxing more PER FIGHT then
    the ufc so called hall of famers made in a lifetime . boxing is alive here
    in europe and as far as i know the ppv buyers in the states are the
    hispanics mainly , and the ufc target is the white and tattood population
    who werent watching boxing anyway . but sure , go ahead and bash a sport
    that has nothing to do with mma .

  18. SLAVESweARE says:

    I hear what you are saying, but you not considering one thing… Those
    saying “boxing is dead” ( which neither you nor I believe ) are North
    Americans , posting comments on North American Youtube channel and North
    American blogs… AND THEY ARE NOT WRONG! Boxing in N. America has indeed
    been declining the last 3 decades, and exponentially so the last decade…
    Zou Shiming is one of the most famous boxers today, but NO ONE knows him in
    North America… This is a sign of things to come…

  19. supasteved24 says:

    the interveiwer looks like virgil from wwe

  20. A Rothstein says:

    hahaha with Soccer, this guy is dreaming ! Football/ Soccer is the biggest,
    most played, most loved and most popular sport in the world, no sport in
    the world comes even close by a 1000 miles,

  21. FranksTube86 says:

    i know right! I would love to see a UFC fighter get Leonel Messi’s
    paycheck! lol

  22. MrPhukYu says:

    I love MMA way more than boxing… & I love boxing. I know everything about
    the history of boxing. You are right: MMA is the #1 combat sport in the US
    & Brazil & whatnot. But you are crazy if you think boxing will die. Boxing,
    on a worldwide stage, is still bigger than MMA. Go to Mexico & ask somebody
    who Cain Velasquez is… they’ll be like “WHO?” MMA >>> boxing… but
    boxing will never die.

  23. Canboxing2012 says:

    youre an idiot you mma fans said the same thing 5 years ago about de la
    hoya retiring but guess what their is always new stars that replace the
    old… once pacquiao and mayweather are gone young talent like Canelo,
    Broner, Garcia, ward, golovkin and maybe others will take their place

  24. tonysoprano0316 says:

    How is he allowed to spout such UTTER MADE UP BULLSHIT? “Neck and neck with
    soccer?”. I believe that the highest ratings anywhere in the world for a
    UFC event are around twelve million, and that was in Brazil. The highest TV
    ratings for UFC in the US is around 4 million. In the US the highest amount
    of PPV buys is around 1.6 million. I’m not even going to bother listing the
    viewers for soccer because they absolutely DWARF anything the UFC has ever
    done and they do so EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

  25. kxsoldier says:

    Boxing is not dead, its a global sport and it will never be dead. I dont
    give a fuck if mayweather or pac leave the sport, im still going to watch
    it. Ppl like you have been saying boxing is dead for 100 years and its
    still here. And off course there will be up and coming boxers, I train in a
    gym with many up and coming boxers. Boxing gyms and MMA gyms are taught
    together. I like both sports, im not saying MMA is inferior, im just
    calling out the bullshit Dana White is saying in this video