Wing Chun Basic Techniques part 2

Wing Chun Tactics
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  1. rhd2684 says:

    Does anybody know the name of the of this I want to buy it?

  2. weirdly says:

    is that ted wong as one of the assistants?

  3. aizentaicho2000 says:



    eventhough he is controling himself ti hit the other guy i’m not convinced..but he is good enough even if he applied it with lack of form and balance..practice will make him better..

  4. aizentaicho2000 says:


    i heard theres a school of wing chun here in philippines if im not mistaken its location is in iloilo but im not convinced that it is for real because iv’e seen him fight & his stance is not balanced sometimes..maybe he only learns wing chun via you tube just like what i’m doing these days.. try to click on “how to do wing chun lesson 1-60” those are only basic application of wing chun but it will really help you a lot..the person demonstrating it is master wong..

  5. nordique59 says:

    Wong Shun Leung was ‘bad ass’ as young man but to claim that even Bruce Lee couldn’t beat him is erroneous as Lee had gone on beyond the confines of HK wing chun and was an accomplished mma fighter by the late 60s.

  6. Peetahwithhisgeetah says:

    @chocozaku1997 The wood breaking thing serves no real purpose, you often see them as demonstrations for karate dojos to attract people (to get money) because it looks cool, but its not particularly difficult given that they just split the wood along its grain

  7. Stimpackswe says:

    @TheFirstChadJ Only in his early years.

  8. TheFirstChadJ says:

    @Stimpackswe Ip man taught Bruce Lee

  9. Theunit236 says:

    I want to learn this sadly there is no wing chun school in my city

  10. boxinglegendd says:

    9:00 he would also be a breakdancer!

  11. xxdjcharlierockxx says:

    awesome post! great video..

  12. deathtoy101 says:

    @Stimpackswe wurddddddddd

  13. NinjaDudes47 says:

    @chocozaku1997 wood dont hit back

  14. dotcombatgames says:

    @chocozaku1997 why punch and break a piece of wood when it does not hit back?

  15. chocozaku1997 says:

    Can you teach us how to punch and break a piece of wood

  16. gorillagripcatchclub says:

    Loved the background music.

  17. ofarfo says:

    Find out for yourself if you’d like.

  18. ofarfo says:

    look so crisp. Often your stance hasn’t fully adjusted and your force might be a little off the intended line, but honestly the concepts which Wing Chun employs are very effective, but like most styles it’s the characteristics of the fighter that will often determine how effective the style is.

    Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, William Cheung. The greats of this fighting style are only greats becasue of their personal interpretation of the systems principles. You should ask one of us to spar.

  19. ofarfo says:

    I’ve used a fair number of these in low contact sparring sessions. They work, and for the most part are actually extremely simple concepts. When you train them right your body responds on reflex more than intention allowing you to roll from one technique to the next at pretty insanely high speeds.

    Another point to consider is that Wing Chun is practiced in the optimal position so that we end up closer to it at real speed, but what you will note is that the actions rarely… continued

  20. vangkevinvang says:

    lol.. ..

  21. XBlackxSpacexVortexX says:

    @Stimpackswe yes 😀 if youve ever seen the 2nd Ip Man film hes the guy who 1st shows up on Ip mans training balcony with the cocky attitude and tries to fight him ^^ but then becomes his student along with some others guys 🙂 great movie..

  22. MrDioXIII says:

    Ran out of ‘characters’

    thank you for an interesting talk.

    that will be my last rebuttal.

  23. MrDioXIII says:

    Agree with your last part that fights in Kung fu movies are terribly unrealistic… though i will argue still because it is fun to see what others think. I do agree that this video make it seem very slow, but this is for demonstration purposes.

    When it comes to martial arts, it is all about application, complicated moves are used for demonstration purposes. in a fight, most people will use what they are comfortable with. Wing chun is no exception, it is effective one way or another!

  24. Abgef says:

    but yes…I agree with you regarding those flashy TKD backflips…terribly ineffective

  25. Abgef says:

    they are easy to use if you have superhuman lightning fast reflexes…do you really think you’r opponents will strike so slow that you can catch it? do you really think they won’t resist your attempted grabs? …no, unless you are a lead character in an action movie then saying this will work is terribly unrealistic.

    That thing looks like a tutorial on chinese fight choreography…a real fight would be at full-speed & does NOT look like something from a chinese movie.